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~ ELDERSWAY~ Osiyo! (Hello) ale Ulihelisdi (and Welcome)

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Terry Lee Whetstone


   Terry Lee is a Cherokee Brother who`s work shall speak for itself. He is a most humble and honorable person and is such a pleasure to know ! He does a lot of work for our people and walks in the ways of our Elders ! He has been so very nice to allow me to use his music on this site and I would like to say in Cherokee to him , Wado ( Thank you) Terry Lee for all the help and allowing me to publish your music and work on my site.It is an honor to do so !

By the way ...... Check out Terry Lee`s web site as the link is at the bottom of this page. Not only does  he play a magical flute but he also does paintings with such beuaty, meaning and so much depth . You will be in for a treat to just see his work there !
I shall in the very near future be useing his flute music in the background on my web site.
Cat Dreaming Eagle



Award Winning Cherokee Artist



American Indian Flute Performer and Recording Artist

Multi-Media Artist, Poet and Educator


National Galleries

Cherokee Mountain Gallery and The Cherokee Store, Eureka Springs, AR

Haskell Indian Market, Lawrence, KS

End of the Trail, Weston, MO, and Three Trails, Independence, MO

Five Civilized Tribes, Muskogee, OK and Red Stick Gallery, Okmulgee, OK

National Cherokee Museum, Tahlequah, OK

Cahokia Interpretative Center, Collinsville, IL


Recent Awards

2003 Third Place Miniatures, Five Civilized Tribes for “Eye of the Hawk”

2002 Grand Heritage Award, Five Civilized Tribes, for “Good Medicine”

2002 First Place, Iola, KS for “America Bless God”

2002 Third Place, Iola, KS for “Witness to Their Tears”

2001 First Place, Wichita, KS for Flute Competition


International Following

Austria, Australia, Bosnia, Canada, England, Germany, Japan, Romania, Russia, South America, Spain and Ukraine


Opening Performance for Helen Cornelius


Poetry Publication: “The Best Poems & Poets of 2001” poem “Stand Together”


TerryLee is a self-taught, talented and multi-faceted artist. TerryLee recognizes a deep Spiritual connection and acknowledges these talents as gifts given to him from the Father. His spiritual connection guides him in all of his endeavors. TerryLee proclaims “It is of the Father, my hands and eyes are guided by the heart and then the mind. My art is directed spiritually.”


TerryLee is currently working with Kansas City’s Young Audiences and Mid-Continent Library in Independence, MO and Coffey County Public Libraries providing flute performances and educational presentations.


For Concert or Educational Bookings

Contact Teresa Edwards at











" Passing Through "
Terry Lee Whetstone`s new band

Terry Lee and his New Group " Passing Through"

Terry Lee Whetstone: on flute  

Trevor Stewart: on Stick and violin  

Rik Stevenson: on digeridoo  

Dennis Balderez: on djembe and congas  

Arnold Jaso: on congas, bongos and rain stick  

What are the groups musical influences?
  The Great Within - The music is inspired by any Life or art that creates a positive atmosphere and that is produced for the enrichment of mankind.
Tell us some background info:
 The music of PASSING THROUGH is as diverse as the cultural backgrounds of it's members. There are strong roots of Native American, Axtec and Mayan Indians, Australia and Indonesia, yet the influence is completely universal speaking to not only the conscious mind but to also the subconscious mind and soul.
More than just "Meditative" or "World Fusion" - what do you consider your style of music??
 The style of the music is difficult to put to words because it draws from so many sources-world music, jaz folk and newage might be common genres to associate with the music. But,  it is so much more than this and it reaches inside of you to set your soul at rest like a new born baby rapped up in their mothers arms next to her breast. With various instrumentation (including digeridoos, djembes, Chapman Stick, various American Indian flutes, along with other wind instruments) and styles, it is truly a sound of it's own.

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Terry Lee Whetstone

Terry Lee Whetstone

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