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 Bison ( Buffalo)



 Buffalo meant a lot of things to all my relation as it served as food , clothing, tools and utensils and Natives believe it spirit could bless us with much prosperty and abundance for survival. Nothing was wasted aand ecerything from this 4-footed animal had a purpose and use. Even in our religon 

Most of the life of a plains indian was supported by the Buffalo. Natives knew the ways of the 4-footed and knew when or where they would be most of the time. They tried to be near them or know of their where-a-bouts so they would have plenty of food and supplies which they counted on from the Buffalo.
The buffalo is a symbol for Creator spirit and a helper to the path of the spirit world. If a child  is named after this Great 4-legged they shall be strong in body and spirit and mature very quickly. This child would be honored as a good hunter and a  very helful spirit who stands strong .
You will see Buffalo parts in every revered holy mans medicine bundle. Due to the long hair and the constant licking of itself the buffalo would collect this hair and expell it and if found would become a part of the medicine bundle also. It was a great find.
I am the proud owner of a buffalo stone which is rare and unusual. It hs reddish in color and looks to be in the shape of a buffalo. They are used for many things but very good for calling rites.
During the sun dance season when the buffalo were sacrificed the Native would use the skulls and hide from the first one they took for the rituals of that ceremony.
WE do not know how many buffalo were on our earth mother before the white man came but some of the estimates range from 60 to 75 million head. In the late 1830`s there were an estimated 40 milllion left. Now only a small herd in our Yellowstone National Park here in Montana are the ONLY surviveing herd indengious to our North America. And these are being shot if they roam out of the park onto public land. Thru the Indian Alliance in Helena , Montana which is where some of the meat is donated it is distributed to The Native Community there. One year I went in during a very bad snow storm and along with my husband, Grandaughter and other members of the Indian Alliance cut up some 30 buffalo that had been shot by park rangers. It is kind of white of the Govt. to give the meat to The Indian Community. These buffalo are very endangered and should never be slaughtered in this way. There are many organizations trying to stop this and any support that you can give them would be greatly appreciated.
Brucellosis which is a feared disease by the cattle industry is said to be found in these animals but yet they were tested and nothing was found in this 4-legged. However I have a question on this ! If the buffalo is said to have this disease then why are they donated to The Indian community ? Makes one think ?
Cat Freaming Eagle
One must kill what one fears that is the white way !













Our neighbors " The Local Yokals "

Our neighbors " The Local Yokals "