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~ ELDERSWAY~ Osiyo! (Hello) ale Ulihelisdi (and Welcome)

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O`siyo !
I am wesa a-s-gi wo-ha-li ( Cat Dreaming Eagle). I live in a very remote area of Montana under Big Sky Country. My husband and I have a log cabin which we share with 2 dogs, a cat and two horses. We have lots of deer, elk and moose around here along with antelope, wolves,bear,badgers, and a whole lot of other critters. We live in prime hunting and fishing area which  we do a lot of.
I was born in the SanJoaquin Valley in California in 1948 to a Rancher and his wife! My father raised cotton and cattle and had a very good connection with our earth mother. He worked very hard on this ranch and the cotton seed he had used to start his crops with was from his beloved home in  home in Tenasee ( Tennessee). There will be more on this at a later date.
I was taught early on to respect all critters big and small and learned they`re ways and habits and have always been very comfortable just being in thier presence.
I love to do beadwork and crafts. I make all sorts of leather garments also. I made the regalia you see me wearing in my pics on this site. I am mother to 4 , Grandmother to 8, Great Grandmother to 1 and 1/2. The new baby will be here the first of October.
I have been active in pow-wows and have taught pow-wow etiquette and dance to adults and children.
Since about the age of 29 I have been on a spiritual path and have learned much. Some of what I have learned came thru illness itself and I have had many near death experiences.
I walk a humble and narrow path and do not use drugs or alcohol and always try to walk a good red road.
I in no way would every want to disrespect an elder or use offensive or un-authorized material on this site, So if I have done so please email me and I shall remove such items . I would like to share some of my teachings with you and to help  all my relation when possible. I know I can not please everyone and I do not make cliam to anything or position .  I am from Cherokee/Irish ancestry and have dated my heritage back to 1640. I am a breed I suppose but my heart is all red and so is my walk.I only wish to honor you and all life forms. Simply to appreciate  and share the lessons I have learned !
More to come on this later!


"Dreaming Eagle Craft~s "

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   Being of Cherokee Ancestry she can date her ancestry back to about 1640 and Chief Old Hop, Standing Turkey or Moytoy as he was called by all those names.. She and her husband Lenard live in White Sulphur Springs, Montana. With each full moon , dressed in full regalia of buckskin, bear claw necklace and other regalia items she visits the sacred hot springs pool located at the (Hot Springs Spa & Motel ) and performs the blessing Ceremony upon the healing waters which was used by the local Indian tribes. They gathered here to heal their sick in the mineral hot springs. This was one of the only places that the Indian tribes laid down their weapons on the edge of town so to make peace as their entered the healing waters. This place was considered sacred and no fighting or bloodshed was allowed.

 My Cherokee Elders were from The Appalachian Mountains of what is now known as North and South Carolina, portions of Kentucky and Tennessee. Her father was born in Alabama and raised in Pea Ridge , Tennessee and also on the reservation land which her Grandfather James Thomas Mathis Farmed and logged, owning a lumber mill.

I Believes that the Spirit is a combination of life experience, good verses bad and applied to what is best for ones self. Not always do we realize that a bad experience is good but we must learn many things on our earth walk and utilize the knowledge to help ourselves , and others !

Those who are on the Red Road, who share in the spirit of the path, will join together as one people, the Native and the Native in heart uniting together to restore our Earth Mother to her natural state of well being

For centuries the Native People lived in Balance with our Earth Mother, taking only what was needed for survival. Everything taken was honored and used , by taking no more than what was needed there was no waste.

During the past century the people of this land have altered the balance of nature by taking more than what was needed and creating waste that the Earth can not absorb or replace. It is said that when The Creator divided us into four races and sent us in four directions he gave us understanding of fire to the White Race, Water to the Black Race, Air to the Yellow Race and Earth to the Red Race. Each was told to use their gift wisely, to spread the Teachings and honor responsibilities that they were each given.



 My Story will be here soon !
Still under construction !
Wado ( Thanks) for being patient !