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ANIMAL Medicine Powers


ANT : The ant teaches us to work within our own tribe to keep unity. When you want medicine to help you to be patient or help to be able to work hard and plan carefully ask for the ant medicine to help you !

ANTELOPE:This animal gives us wisdom to be still so that we can get the messages we need thru silence and meditation !

BADGER: The badger is aggressive and fearless and is called LITTLE BEAR by some. If you should get a bite from this little critter it will never let go. This badger medicine helps us to find courage and have persistence in our goals and teaches how to have an alliance with other species ! Badger is also a Keeper of the Roots !

BAT: The Bat teaches us to develope our magical abilities and also to see in the dark.It is also used for re-birth and initiation rituals !

BEAR:The bear teaches us to slow down our bodies when needed. It also teaches us healing and and how to renew ourselves.The bear teaches us to go within to get the resources we need for survival. The bear runs very fast for short distances and has a great sence of smell!

BEAVER:This animal is a great builder and teaches us to realize what a dream is saying and to act on it ! The beaver only lives for about 12 years in the wild but is very helpfull in clearing away trees and brush as that is what they use for their lodges!

BOAR: ( Wild Pig) This is an animal that is very mean and will chase you when given the chance.  The males grow large tusks that stick out of they`re mouth.However they can teach us to be clever, give us courage, healing and protection !

BOBCAT:This animal is a solitary one and teaches us how to be alone and not mind it.This cat has keen eyesight,sensitive ears and tuffs on its ears !

BUFFALO: This is a powerful animal that gives of itself to our people. The meat is used for food , The hide used for warmth and to build our lodges.This animal can handle harsh weather and little food and that teaches us to have endurance !

BUTTERFLY: Teaches us about transformation, spiritual growth and the courage to change that which does us no good!








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