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~ ELDERSWAY~ Osiyo! (Hello) ale Ulihelisdi (and Welcome)

Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds ( Pg 2)
Cat Dreaming Eagle
Cat Dreaming Eagle ( pg2)
In Honor Of
Standing Turkey
Roxanne & Rachel
Lenard Jr.
Legends & Stories
"Stone People"
"Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds ( pg1)
Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds(pg 2)
Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds (pg3)
Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds ( pg4)
Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds(coming soon)
Native American Graphics
Native Graphics ( Pg 2)
Our Native American Teaching group ( JOIN )

CAT:The cat teaches us to be independant and it helps us to be aware of what is around us even though we can not see what is there. It helps us to be graceful and sensual !

Coyote ( The Trickster) The coyote is a animal that is cunning and is very adaptable to its surroundings. It is mischevious and comical to watch. But if often fools itself verses others !

COUGAR: This animal is a good hunter and teaches us to assert ourselves. It teaches us how to make a quick and good decission It will help you take charge of your life!

CRANES: Teaches us to bond with our partners and gives us wisdom to learn ceremonies that we need!

CROW: This is another trickster. It is a aggresive little bird that is successful at surviving most situatuions or climates.The crow is a smart bird and loves shiney objects which it will steal and take back to its nest.It is also helpful in cleaning up those animal carcases that have crossed to the spirit world!

DEER: This animal is always alert and has a quick sense for danger.It is fast and sure footed . The antlers help us to make a connection to higher forms of understanding.When antlers are shed the little animals chew and nibble on them for calcium in thier diet !

DOG: This animal teaches us loyalityand to give un-conditional love to one another.It is also a good protector for us!

DOVE: Doves are monogamous and are very loveing to their mate. They teach us loyality and innocense!

DUCK: This animal is very protective over their young and teaches us mothering and nurturing!

EAGLE : This animal is a messenger to Creator and gives us courage and illumination along with visions and many powers !

ELK :This animals has great Strength,power and stamina !

Falcon:This animal is a Great Hunter and very fast at flying and swooping down upon its prey. It teaches us fast progress, accuracy and real success!

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