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~ ELDERSWAY~ Osiyo! (Hello) ale Ulihelisdi (and Welcome)

The Love Of My Life

Cat Dreaming Eagle
Cat Dreaming Eagle ( pg2)
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"Stone People"
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Len Dancing for the Elders

Lenard Strong Beaver dances for theElders`s at the hospital where he works. The patients love this and in bewteen dances he explains to them why and how this dance came to be and all sorts of Indian history and stories he tells them also ! IT keeps their minds active and they always have a question or two for him.
The families of the patients come down to watch also and they like to see this too. This area is rich in Indian  history and we live in a town where there are old Indian Hot Springs that have been converted in into a spa and motel. People from all over the world come here to rest and soak in the Sulphur Springs that run from here to Yellowstone Park.

Len Dancing

The pic above is of my husband Lenard. He is a traditional dancer and loves to pow-wow . He is the love of my life and I owe him so much for all he has done to help me on this earth-walk. He has been there for me so many times in the last ten years since we married. His heart is of kindness and love. His actions are honorable and helpful. He has a great fondness for Elders and children and is always doing something to help someone else.
He has taught me how to love and appreciate myself as a beautiful expression that was made by our Creator. To that I might add he always is respectfull, loveing,kind, and above all is behind my every step along this earth-walk.
Len is an activity aide for the local hospital here now but has several degrees in health care and loves to work with  developmentally disabelled people and  does a very good job at that. He does an awsome job with people less fortunate than ourselves and it is always a reminder that we should all be happy with what we have and the way we are ! 
More coming Soon on This ! 

Len with Friend at the hospital where he works !

Len dancing or the Elders at the hospital

Len & Cat

Here's a picture of me with my family.

Len & Cat

Here I might include a link to an organization for which I do volunteer work or that otherwise helps me find a way to act on my beliefs.