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~ ELDERSWAY~ Osiyo! (Hello) ale Ulihelisdi (and Welcome)

Our native American Teaching Group
Cat Dreaming Eagle
Cat Dreaming Eagle ( pg2)
In Honor Of
Standing Turkey
Roxanne & Rachel
Lenard Jr.
Legends & Stories
"Stone People"
"Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds ( pg1)
Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds(pg 2)
Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds (pg3)
Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds ( pg4)
Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds(coming soon)
Native American Graphics
Native Graphics ( Pg 2)
Our Native American Teaching group ( JOIN )


This is such a great group of talented , kind and considerate people ! If you need an answer to something or a prayer request please feel free to ask.
Thanks so much for applying and looking forawrd to hearing from you soon.
Cat Dreaming Eagle 


    WE will provide a safe place for you to share your feelings, thoughts, pictures (animal and Native along with personal) in this I ask that there be no adult, profanity or any type of nude depictions. 

I shall give one warning on this rule and one only !  Then you shall be removed if it continues.

This is a teaching and sharing group it is not for taggers, baggers and snaggers. If I suspect this is going on I shall remove you from list right away.

I ask that you do not lurk and not post as everyone's input is essential for group health and growth.



I ask that you respect others in this group and their opinions and beliefs and if you should have a problem bring it to me and I shall deal with it. There will be no tolerance for disrespect of any kind as I shall not show that to you nor shall you show that to me, my husband or other group members. 

  I also ask that you keep your posts size to 250 kb or lower if sending pics make sure they are J-pegs .  I realize that at times posts will have to be larger and that will be fine but please for all of us  on dial up I ask that large posts be limited. I must ask also that when sending and replying to each other try your best to answer each other in one email instead of 20 to keep traffic down.

I will keep this group size down  so as not to get too much traffic to deal with. I would rather have quality not quantity. If  you have any questions feel free to email me at  and I shall do my best to answer you in a timely fashion. 

I will also provide one on one healing and help which will take place out of group in private. If you have yahoo messenger I can do it there or by Phone but you will have to pay for the call as I am not able to make long distance calls on this computer line. I can get calls but not dial out long distance.In keeping with very old tradition I will not charge anything but I will accept love offerings of your choice. You must give to get and in this way you will be planting many seeds of faith and healing blessings for yourself and family. It is our way. Suggestions for these love gifts are, Tobacco, Sage, Sweetgrass,leather,beads,blankets,or anything to help support ELDERSWAY. This is not a must but it is a nice thing to show appreciation when someone helps you. It keeps the balance of things in the spirit world also.

Eldersway was a name given to me many years ago thru spirit right after the last Harmonic Convergence back in 1987. It is a name that you will see many times in the near future as I write my book and many other things.

My husband Lenard Strong Beaver is also available for men wanting to council with him ,as his time will be limited somewhat you can email and ask me about it. We are both ordained ministers and perform weddings, funerals and many other things.

My website is on this link below and if you would honor me in a visit to it where I shall keep some teachings and such, I would be honored.

My email addy is :

Wado ( Thankyou)

If you talk to the animals they will talk with you and you will know each other.
If you do not talk to them you will not know them, and what you do not know you will fear.
What one fears one destroys.

I am - the Cherokee are - your friends
and friends of your people, but we do
not wish to be brought into the feuds
between yourselves and your Northern
Brethren. Our wish is for peace. Peace
at home and peace among you.
~Chief John Ross To Arkansas, 1861~
Aisv Nv Wa do hi ya do
Walk in Peace

"I got my education from my culture. My teachers were my grandmothers, and I am really thankful for that."
--Mary One Spot, SARCEE
Our often unrecognized, but most powerful teachers are our women. In order for men to learn a balanced way, we need to learn from our men Elders and our women Elders. Learning from the women Elders will teach us a whole different set of values and insights to life. When we have life problems, we need to go to the grandmothers to get their advice.

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