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 The Stone People hold many great wonders and powers. They absorb the energy which they are around ( Good Or Bad) So if you should find,buy or be gifted a crystal or stone it is wise to cleanse it in salt water or running water for 3 days. I like doing mine on the full of the moon. But be sure that you do not leave them out under the full moon itself !Each Stone Person has its own unique type of energy.I shall start with some definations of those on this page as time allows will add more soon !
AGATE: Strengthens the body/mind and gives you a sence of strength and courage.It is a grounding type stone and powerful healer !
ALEXANDRITE: Helps in internal and external re-generation. It has a very good effect on the nervous system,pancreas,spleen and helps to align mental amd emotional bodies.
AMBER:  This is a light  colored gold fossilized stone from prehistoric pine trees. It helps heal the endocrine system,spleen and heart.
AMETHIST: Helps strengthen the endocrine system and immune system. Helps also with induceing right brain activity and  stimulates the pineal gland.It is good for cleanseing the blood and a good energizer.