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~ ELDERSWAY~ Osiyo! (Hello) ale Ulihelisdi (and Welcome)

Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds(pg4)
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"Stone People"
"Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds ( pg1)
Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds(pg 2)
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Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds ( pg4)
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RABBIT: This animal teaches us to be alert and how to prosper. It also teaches us abundance!

RACOON : This animal is very curious and into everything within its reach. It teaches us humor in adverse situations and also teaches us playfulness and the ability to check things out !

SKUNK : ( Country Kitty) This animal teaches us respect and a powerful way to defend ourselves as when it sprays it does not hurt anything or anyone but teaches us to avoid them if possible !

SNAKE:This animal teaches us transformation and re-generation. It is said that the snake will bring good fortune, wisdom and wholeness!

SPIDER: The spider teaches us creativity and the ability to manifest the power we need to weave our dreams into reality !

TURTLE : Symbol of the Earth Mother. Is slow to start but always finishes. It has the ability to protect itself quite well an is known for longevity and wisdom !

WEASEL: It can fit into many small holes and places . It is cunning and very quick. It is fearless and has great power  for its size. This critter loves chicken eggs and used to help themselves to a few from our old hen house !

WOLF: The Teacher ! It teaches us to live in adverse situations and it prey is usually the weak and old of a species. It helps us to realize our weakness and learn to be strong.The wolf also has keen senses and the ability to adapt to many adverse situations!

WOODPECKER: Help in cleanseing, regeneration and help to bring rain!

 I will be adding many more critters onto this list as time permits. So check back when you can !

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