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~ ELDERSWAY~ Osiyo! (Hello) ale Ulihelisdi (and Welcome)

Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds ( Pg 3)
Cat Dreaming Eagle
Cat Dreaming Eagle ( pg2)
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Standing Turkey
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"Stone People"
"Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds ( pg1)
Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds(pg 2)
Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds (pg3)
Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds ( pg4)
Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds(coming soon)
Native American Graphics
Native Graphics ( Pg 2)
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Falcon:This animal is a Great Hunter and very fast at flying and swooping down upon its prey. It teaches us fast progress, accuracy and real success!

FOX: The fox teaches us to be camoflauged and to sit back and listen when no one knows you are there you can find out a lot by thier actions and conversations. It is a very clever and resourceful little animal also !

GOAT: The goat is a hardy animal that teaches us to be playful and helps us learn to eat about anything. It has the ability to climb very high and teaches us how to do that also !

GROUSE: The Grouse helps us to learn ceremonies and to dance in a circle . It makes us feel at peace in difficult situations!

HAWK: The Hawk has keen eyesight and is a messenger to Creator. It helps to give us clarity, perspective and inner vision ! I have seen a hawk dive down and grab a snake and snap its head off and flyy straight up in a matter of seconds!

 HORSE : This animal gives us strength and inner power and teaches us how to be a free spirit. It also helps us to be in touch with our own wildness ! We have two horses who are into everything here and they love to get in garbage cans !

HUMMINGBIRD: This animal is also called Little Eagle and teaches us happiness and joy and gives us a lot of energy !

LIZARD: Teaches us re-generation and transformation !

LYNX : GIves us the abilty to be un-seen and helps us get in touch with what is illusive or hard to hold. on to !

MOOSE ! The moose is a very large 4-legged animal that likes marshes and water sources. It teaches you how to be powerful and illusive while being confident ! THis animal has no sence of humor so be very careful when confronted by one.

OTTER : This animal is very playful and able to forage for food while haveing fun doing so. It is quick and efficent !

OWL: The owl is nocturnal and is a symbol of the feminine,the moon,and the night. This bird can teach us of prophecy, magic and wisdom. It is a very powerful medicine and not to be messed with ! For it can give you lots of real strong medicine that you may not be prepared for or able to handle.

PORCUPINE: It lives a lot in trees eating the leaves and branches. It teaches us how to defend ourselves in an un-common way. It also teaches us to reach great heights! I have picked many a porky in my day and they Stink ! But I use the quills so much that I just pickem quick !

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