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In Honor Of "Lenard Jr."
Cat Dreaming Eagle
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Lenard Jr.
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"Stone People"
"Winged Ones & 4-Leggeds ( pg1)
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Native American Graphics
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Lcpl. Lenard A Watson,USMC
Serveing in Iraq for your freedom !

 Our son Lenard has served in Iraq since last January and we still do not know when he will be home. He has reported  to us that it is very hot and very miserable over there and he can not wait to be back in the United States again.
Lenard has always been an outstanding young man and he has always wanted to be a Marine . He has always shown respect for his Elders and never used Drugs or alcohol.
Lenard is a Spec. gunner and is in the Marine Expeditionery Unit.
I ask that anyone who reads this to say a prayer for him and the other young women and men who are serving our country in Iraq. We still have a lot of our kids over there so please do not forget them !

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